Benefits of Great Indoor Climate

Create a great indoor climate that increases the health of both buildings and occupants with lower running costs.


Increase health and business

Research reveals that there is a clear link between indoor climate and health. By meeting, and preferably exceeding, the users’ expectations really good conditions are set for having satisfied and returning customers.

Lower running costs

Preconditions for low operating costs are created with demand controlled indoor climate. The property’s total needs are often reduced when the ventilation, heating, and cooling are focused on the areas where the needs are. This will, in most cases, result in lower investment and running costs and shorter installation time.

Decrease environmental impact

With demand-controlled ventilation, you can lower the energy needed for creating the indoor climate while retaining the comfort level.

Comfortable indoor climate, with maximum energy recovery, is a winner for both occupants, owners and the environment.

Full control of the system

Get full control of the entire system and facilitate maintenance with integrated monitoring and logging.

Swegon Solutions

Swegon Solutions creates an optimum indoor climate, with the lowest possible use of energy. This allows customers and users to focus on their business instead.

Swegon products are designed for optimum performance and integration. Maximum energy efficiency and low running costs are guaranteed whether you choose individual products or complete systems.

With Swegon Solutions we can help you create a healthy and energy efficient indoor climate.


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