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for Passive House

Through DesignEdgeTM, Swegon offers specifiers the requirements needed to create the best passive house solution at the design stage.

We minimize your risk and reduce the time needed to prepare budgets, plan mechanical space requirements and arrive at an optimal design.

Swegon’s DesignEdgeTM service will help solidify you and your firm as the expert in passive house design. Try our complimentary DesignEdgeTM service on your next project.


For Consultants, DesignEdgeTM will
1. Minimize your risk
2. Reduce time required to achieve an optimum design
3. Give clients confidence in your passive house system design

What we need to get started
1. Total floor area (TFA)
2. Room heating and cooling load calculations
3. Room ventilation requirements
4. Ceiling height

DesignEdgeTM Deliverables


Project specific schedule


Project specific master specification


Unit technical printout


Energy Calculation


Psychrometric Analysis


Noise Analysis


Sequence of Operations