The Swegon PARAGON Wall is a compact solution for cooling, heating and ventilation with one-way air distribution. Designed to be installed in the ceiling outside a room, the comfort module uses a single grille to distribute and circulate air inside the room.

The latest generation of PARAGON features a new unique Compact Change-Over (CCO) valve that increases the cooling capacity by 20% and the heating capacity by 60%. This improved capacity can be used to downsize the unit, saving investment cost as well as valuable building space. It can also be utilized to run the heat pump or chiller in a more economical operating mode, saving up to 25% of the electrical energy.


> Supply air
> Supply air and cooling
> Supply air, cooling and heating (water)


Primary airflow:

19 – 163 cfm

Pressure range:

0.2 – 0.8 in.wg

Total cooling capacity:

Up to 9135 Btu/h

Heating capacity

Up to 15355 Btu/h


L= 30, 35, 43, 51 and 59 in
B= 31 in
H= 10.4 in


Product view, 24 x 48 in

Product view, 24 x 24 in

Valve kit
Factory-fitted valve kit with valve actuator.