GOLD Passive House range

Passive House Institute certification applies to a subset of the GOLD line of energy-recovery air handlers. In the nearby chart, the entire flow range for the GOLD product line is indicated by green shading. The yellow shading indicates the GOLD sizes and flow ranges that are Passive House Institute certified. PH-certification is a subset of the GOLD flow range, therefore the yellow shading overlaps the green. For example, if a PH-certified unit is required to deliver 2000 CFM, the smallest GOLD unit we can apply is size 14. By comparison, a standard GOLD size 08 would work if PH certification is not required. Also, the GOLD 14, with or without PH certification has a minimum flow of around 850 CFM.


In addition to certified flowrates by size, PHI also certifies ERV unit:

  • Energy recovery efficiency (must equal or exceed 75%)
  • Casing leakage (must not exceed 3%)
  • Interior leakage cross contamination (must not exceed 3%)
  • Specific fan power (must not exceed 0.77 W/CFM)


To see the actual certified data for Swegon GOLD, please see the linked document at:

A benefit of using a PH-certified energy recovery ventilator on passive house projects is that it eliminates the need for field certification and all the uncertainty that goes with the field certification process.

If we can provide selection data, or more information, please contact Mike Woolsey.

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