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Corona Senior Residences is a 57,675 sf, 8-story 68-unit affordable housing apartment building for low-income seniors, designed to meet the NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Standards for Energy Star Certification as well as the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria. It and will also be the first affordable senior housing development in the United States to meet the Passive House Institute (PHI) design standards. The ground floor of the building will be designated to an early childhood education facility to be administered by the New York City School Construction Authority.


The building HVAC system is comprised of small energy-recovery ventilators and variable refrigerant flow fan coil units in each apartment. Ventilation in the education facility and the apartment common areas and corridors is provided by large energy recovery air handlers.


The Passive House consultant sought to provide ventilation meet local code requirements, using devices meeting Passive House Institute requirements for:
• high heat recovery effectiveness
• high electrical efficiency
• low casing leakage
• low cross-contamination
• self-balancing control

Swegon Solution

Swegon provided (2) GOLD RX 07 air handling units with heat recovery, both exceeding the minimum requirements for PHI certification:

Passive House Institute
Certification Criteria
Passive House Institute
Minimum Performance
Passive House Institute
Certified Performance
Swegon GOLD RX 07
Heat Recovery Effectiveness >75% 85.5%
Electrical Efficiency <0.765 W/CFM 0.68 W/CFM
Casing Leakage <3% 0.45%
Cross Contamination <3% 0.45%
Self-Balancing Control Return Air automatically
reset to be within 10%
of the supply air
Self-balancing control is a standard
feature within Swegon’s GOLD Control System
(IQ Logic)

Passive House Logo

Owner: Hanac, Inc.
Architect: THINK!
Passive House Consultant: Association for Energy Affordability (AEA)
Engineer: New York Engineers
Contractor: Admiral Air
Swegon Rep: Tower Enterprises

Hanac Corona
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