Swegon AB acquires Vibro-Acoustics

On June 4th, 2014, Swegon AB acquired Vibro-Acoustics, a leading provider of noise, vibration, and seismic/wind control solutions in North America.

Vibro-Acoustics was founded in 1960 and employs 167 staff in US and Canada. Vibro-Acoustics’ headquarters is located in Toronto, Canada, with two additional manufacturing facilities in United States – Reno, Nevada, and Nashville, Tennessee.

The acquisition of Vibro-Acoustics supports Swegon’s strategy to expand the Swedish company’s presence in North America. Hannu Saastamoinen, CEO of Swegon, explains: “The North American HVAC market is extensive and so far we have only had a limited presence there. As we now expand our business, we are very pleased to do it together with Vibro-Acoustics. They are a well-managed company with a long and successful history. Also, their strong focus on delivering high-quality system solutions fits well with Swegon’s market approach.”

Hannu Saastamoinen continues: “Vibro-Acoustics is well-established in the North American market and has a widely developed network of Sales Representatives.  We see many positive opportunities for our joint future business development.”

Today, Vibro-Acoustics has divided its business into three business units, each focusing on a unique product area. Under Swegon North America, the third business unit is dedicated to growing the commercial ventilation business in US and Canada. Since the acquisition, Swegon North America has already won notable projects such as Citizen M in New York City, Dallas Arts District Wyly Theatre, Harvard Science Center in Massachusetts, and McGill University Hospital in Montreal.

Swegon North America has also received recognition for their innovative commercial ventilation products by industry events and competitions such as the MCEE in Montreal, Canada.

About Swegon AB

Swegon AB is a company in the Latour group and manufactures and sells products and solutions for ventilation and indoor climate systems. The Swegon company group has 1450 employees and the turnover is 330 MEUR.

Investment AB Latour is a mixed investment company consisting of an investment portfolio with a market value of about SEK 26 billion and wholly owned industrial operations with total net sales of about SEK 7 billion.

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