Swegon on Tour Gets Launched!

In Pennsylvania, by the best engineering school in the world, a vibrant blue van wrapped in a picturesque cityscape and the big Swegon name makes its way through the city. Those who encounter the vehicle can’t help but notice, and they wonder: what’s inside? Open its doors and you’ll find a fully-functioning GOLD RX05 DOAS unit and Parasol VAV climate beam connected to a Siemens control panel. Swegon’s innovative HVAC solutions are paying a visit to cities across the U.S.

How it all began   

It all started with the small demo GOLD unit, RX05. For a whole year, this traveling unit floated from rep to rep, allowing them to showcase the unit to customers. The impact was huge – customers were able to touch and play with the working GOLD unit and were thoroughly impressed by what they saw. From this early trial and a growing customer demand, it became clear that we had to design and execute a program to engage mechanical engineers by bringing our products to them to drive new opportunities. From there, Swegon on Tour was born!

Designing the program 

The concept of Swegon on Tour was heavily inspired by an existing program developed by our Swedish parent Swegon AB. The program involved creating a branded van that showcases fully-functioning products and driving it to customers. Our aim: to engage the mechanical engineering community and to help them understand Swegon products and their value-add. To begin, we developed a 12-month road trip plan for the campaign. Working closely with our representatives, we schedule dates where they can drive right to their customer’s footstep.

The big launch took place at our annual industry event at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in January 2017. Our guests at the event were thrilled to see the newly designed van standing next to the track. The Swegon on Tour van didn’t look too bad next to the exotic sports cars, either!

Where in the world is Swegon on Tour? 

Since its launch, our blue Swegon van has visited 9 reps, 24 cities, 127 firms and 568 engineers and contractors.

Find out where the van is today or request a visit here. Follow the van’s journey by following our LinkedIn updates. 

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