Swegon Team wins ASHRAE Journal’s Best Article Award

Tim Wentz, President of ASHRAE, presents award to Hugh Crowther, Swegon VP Commercial Ventilation


At the annual ASHRAE meeting at Long Beach California in June, Hugh Crowther, Swegon’s VP Commercial Ventilation, and Yi Teng Ma, Swegon Application Engineer, received the award for Best Article by ASHRAE Journal. We are incredibly proud of our team for being recognized by ASHRAE Journal for the forward thinking, innovation, and originality they have demonstrated in the article.

Tim Wentz, President of ASHRAE, presents award to Yi Teng Ma, Swegon Application Engineer


The award-winning article titled Design Considerations for Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems was published in the March 2016 issue of ASHRAE Journal. The article focuses on the functions, advantages and requirements of DOAS. It also highlights the potential energy savings when DOAS is implemented with demand-controlled ventilation.

The ideas presented in the article have already begun to make waves. The newly-released ASHRAE Design Guide for Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems directly references our article on the topic of energy savings.

It is really exciting to see the impact Swegon is making in the HVAC community. When Swegon established itself in North America three years ago, we faced the challenge of introducing new ways of thinking about system design. Now, our efforts are paying off as the industry takes an increasing interest in DOAS and demand-controlled ventilation to build a more energy efficient society.

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