Nov 12, 2019

Five factors to consider in achieving the ideal indoor climate

Are your hotel guests complaining about the room comfort in room 107? In our last blog post we […]
Jan 7, 2020

What is IEQ and why is it important?

In recent years, our industry has witnessed a notable change in the way we go about delivering a […]
Mar 11, 2020

Why you should keep microparticles away from your supply air

Microparticles affect our health and environment. They can make us ill and shorten our life expectancy. Today, 80% […]
Aug 6, 2020

This is why induction is important for your indoor comfort

Imagine if you were forced to choose between a room that can’t be cooled in hot weather, or […]
Aug 8, 2020

Would we let our kids skip breakfast before school?

We all want to make sure that our children get the best education but one thing we tend […]
Dec 9, 2020

Will opening the windows solve the ventilation needs for schools?

With the realization that many schools across Europe lack sufficient ventilation equipment to provide the air exchange rates […]
Jan 29, 2021

Read our white paper on humidity

Humidity affects properties, materials and our well-being. However, requirements regarding relative humidity in current building standards vary significantly […]
Jun 30, 2022

The vital quest for quieter fans

How can quiet fans affect the indoor environmental quality (IEQ), safeguard people’s health, and reduce global CO2 emissions? […]
Aug 23, 2022

Demand controlled ventilation leads to energy savings

The citizenM chain of hotels has taken pride in providing luxury comfort in compact rooms. Guests have been […]
Aug 25, 2022

HVAC System Contributions to Materials Transparency and Occupant Health

For decades, HVAC systems have primarily been viewed as a collection of devices designed into a system and […]
Nov 7, 2022

Taking on the climate challenge – a New York City perspective

The climate discussion often tends to be very much focused on topics such as transportation and food production. […]