Aug 11, 2022

PACIFIC Chilled Beam

ROOM UNIT PACIFIC Chilled Beam Integrated climate beam with cooling, heating and ventilation ROOM UNIT PACIFIC Chilled Beam […]
Aug 11, 2022

PARASOL Comfort Modules

ROOM UNIT PARASOL Comfort Module Integrated comfort modules with 4 way airflow for heating, cooling and ventilation. Optional […]
Jun 27, 2022

PARAGON Comfort Module

ROOM UNIT PARAGON comfort modules Paragon is a series comfort modules with a high capacity for installation in […]
Apr 24, 2020

PRIMO Chilled Beam

Climate system for installation along a perimeter wall
Apr 24, 2020

ADRIATIC VF Chilled Beam

Exposed active chilled beam with heating cooling and ventilation
Apr 24, 2020

FRB Chilled Beam

Exposed passive chilled beam for suspended installation