At Swegon, what we do is important. But why we do it is what drives every aspect of this company. Such as the strong partnerships we forge with our customers, the ambitious and challenging projects we take on and the reliable, high-quality products and systems we develop – all the way to the healthy, comfortable and safe indoor environments we make possible.

What’s the reason behind it all? A firm belief that, no matter how people happen to spend their time, everyone should be able to feel good inside.

Startup, commissioning, parts and upgrades of air handling units and other associated ventilation equipment.

We are able to offer installation support, start-up and commissioning of air handling units and ventilation controls.

Our network of factory-authorized service technicians and engineers are in your town and can assist with integrating our BTL-certified ventilation units into your Building Automation System (BAS). We can help train your building operators to get the most out of your building.

Start-up, commissioning, parts and upgrades for products.

Our factory-authorized service organizations can assist with setup and commissioning. We can assist in balancing contractors and building automation control contractors to ensure your project goes smoothly and on time.

Contact us

Whether you have questions about your project, need help with start-up and commissioning or want service and spare parts, we can help.

Service Parts

Our ventilation units are produced in North America and we have any parts you may need. Our local representative can assist you in identifying any parts you require and getting them to you right away.

Service Technician

Our factory-trained and certified service representatives can assist with any service need you may have.