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Web-based software for easy dimensioning and selection of room products: induction units, air diffusers, displacement units and products for demand-controlled ventilation.

Some of the main features in the program include:

  • Search for and select products based on function or product name
  • Easy calculation of air flow, cooling and heating capacity
  • Receive the recommended shortest permissible distance from unit to wall as well as between two units discharging air towards one another
  • Print-outs as PDF or save the project as an Excel file
  • Export to CAD as DXF (3D model) and QPD (3D model of the product as well as information about air flows/pressure drop/sound level and water flow/pressure drop)
  • No login or username required
Login to Save

It is not necessary to login or have a user-ID to run the program. However, if you wish to save your settings (language, units, suspended ceiling, temperatures, etc.) you need to create a password protected login (= e-mail address + password).


Links to CAD software such as AutoCad and Revit as well as a link to MagiCad can be found under the “Download” tab. The manuals for each link are also located here.


Swegon AB reserves the right to upgrade software and associated documentation without prior notice.

ProSelect is developed and owned by Swegon AB and is protected by European copyright laws and international agreements.



MagiCAD Plugin (external link) for transferring CAD files from AHU Design.

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