Sustainability at Swegon

“Sustainability is a key enabler for Swegon to be successful – today and tomorrow.”

Andreas Örje Wellstam, Swegon Group CEO

Learn how Swegon contributes to sustainable building design

Swegon is committed to providing solutions for ventilating buildings for occupant health and comfort while contributing to green building certification programs that award points and credits for disclosing product ingredients. The Swegon Sustainable Building Solution includes products that contribute to the ventilation, comfort, sound and materials requirements of several programs. Our staff are active participants in these certifying bodies and are prepared to assist you with a selection of ventilation components that will help you meet program requirements.

Swegon is the first major HVAC supplier to offer an air handling unit with the Declare label, providing disclosure of the ingredients used in the manufacturing process.

Declare helps specifiers use healthy materials by showing where a product comes from what a product is made of where a product goes at the end of its life and if a product contains toxic ingredients. Declare is the only label that combines material transparency and the Red List. It distills complex chemical ingredient information into an easy-to-read label. Declare helps architects, engineers and sustainability consultants quickly find, evaluate and specify products that are healthy for people, the environment, and communities. Products with the Declare label contribute to Living Building Challenge, LEED, WELL, CHPS and Enterprise Green Communities projects.

Swegon Ventilation Products for Healthy Buildings

International WELL Building Institute Membership

Swegon is a Cornerstone member of the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) membership program, joining like-minded companies from across the globe committed to enhancing buildings and communities to help people thrive. The membership program at IWBI convenes, celebrates, and fosters collaboration with companies and organizations that are leading the movement to advance human health in buildings and communities around the world. This dynamic framework allows Swegon to tap into IWBI’s expansive resources and knowledge and demonstrates Swegon’s alignment with IWBI’s mission. For more information, visit: Swegon Group AB | WELL (

Specifying Swegon Solutions to maximize WELL v2 contributions

The WELL Building Standard™ version 2 (WELL v2™) is a vehicle for buildings and organizations to deliver more thoughtful and intentional spaces that enhance human health and well-being. WELL v2 includes a set of strategies—backed by the latest scientific research—that aim to advance human health through design interventions and operational protocols and policies and foster a culture of health and well-being. (source:

WELL v2 is made up of 10 concepts, 4 of which are influenced by the HVAC system. Swegon solutions offer WELL project teams up to 28 contributions to the Air, Thermal Comfort, Sound and Materials concepts.

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