#Swegonontour 2.0

Mobile showroom – Experience our latest innovations live!

About #Swegonontour

Experience reliable and meticulously engineered products with Swegon on Tour. The Swegon on-tour truck is packed with innovative products. 

The demo truck is equipped with air handling units, as well as chilled beam units. This is a great way for you to experience Swegon’s products in a convenient way. The truck comes to you, so you don’t have to worry about going to an exhibition. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see Swegon’s products up close and personal.

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What's Inside Swegon on Tour?

Experience the fully operational GOLD RX 5 which has a small footprint, low operating cost, and low sound power levels.  The GOLD RX 5 will be bringing fresh air from outside pushing the air through l Paragon and Parasol chilled beam allowing you to experience our GOLD Air Handling unit.

The Swegon on Tour van also features an ADAPT Parasol VAV climate beam. Unlike conventional active beams, the Parasol VAV is a groundbreaking comfort module that integrates variable primary airflow right into the unit. The VAV beam is connected to a Siemens control panel and is fully operational for demonstrative purposes.

How it all began?

It all started with the small demo GOLD unit, RX05. For a whole year, floating demo units from rep to rep, and then we added our GOLD Demo unit in the van allowing us to showcase the unit to customers and then the impact was huge – customers were able to touch and play with the working GOLD unit and were thoroughly impressed by what they saw. 

From floating a GOLD demo unit to adding a GOLD demo unit in a van and then driving that van across North America to our REP locations. Now looking at the success of our van and the high demand for even bigger we have introduced our 16ft demo truck. Inspired by our Swegon European demo truck our fully functional truck is a mobile meeting room equipped with fully functional demo units, presentation screens, and more.

swegon on tour van

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How it works?

First, Swegon will work with you on the dates and locations where you would like to operate Swegon on Tour. After some paperwork, we will arrange for the demo truck to be picked up at a location near you. From there, the demo truck is yours to take to customers. When you are finished with the demo truck, just drop it off at a specified location. It’s that simple.